Follow up Visits

At approximately one week after your son's circumcision, you will have a visit with Dr. Zwiers.  This can be done virtually or in person.


If you choose the virtual option, the clinic will send you an email on the day before the visit.  It will ask you to send two pictures through secure messaging; one of the top of the penis, and one of the undersurface.  It is important that Dr. Zwiers can see the cut mark all of the way around the the penis to make sure everything is healing well.  It helps if the lighting is quite good and please make sure the photos are not blurry.


The following day, Dr. Zwiers will call you.  The timing of this call will be discussed at your circumcision appointment.  During this phone call, you will be given instructions on bathing and the use of Vaseline. If during this phone call there are concerns, you may be asked to book an appointment at the clinic. 


At the time of this visit, the circumcision will be mostly healed.  It is common for there still to be a diamond shaped area of wet scab on the undersurface.  This will continue to heal throughout the week.  The clamp mark on the undersurface may still be present.  This will round out over the next few weeks. 


Following this visit, you will continue to apply just a small amount of Vaseline (the size of a pea) on to the tip of the penis each diaper change for one month.   Put the Vaseline directly on the hole where the urine comes out (the urethral meatus). This will not block the urine from coming out. This is done every diaper change for one month to prevent scarring of the hole (meatal stenosis). 


There will be a new ring of tissue just below the head of the penis.  This is called the coronal sulcus.  It is common for it to look a little puffy.  Sometimes it will be swollen a little more on one side than the other.  The swelling can happen off and on for several months.  It can even look like there is a little fluid inside the skin.  You will know that it is normal if the skin remains soft and pink, and your baby does not seem to be in pain.  


As your baby grows, sometimes the skin of the shaft of the penis becomes a little baggy, and hangs over the head of the penis.   If this happens, it is important to push this skin back a few times per day to clean the head of the penis.  If ever you cannot push back the skin fully, please let us know and we will book you an appointment with Dr. Zwiers.  Rest assured that all of the foreskin has been removed and that as the baby grows, the skin will once again become less baggy.


Sometimes parents have concerns that after the circumcision, the penis does not look perfectly symmetrical.  This is normal.  Just like the two sides of our face, nothing on our body is identical from side to side.  Remember that as a baby, the penis is very small.  As it grows, any differences from one side to the other will not be noticeable. 


Sometimes parents will notice that the penis curves or bends a little towards the left or the right.  This is normal.  This has to do with the inner structures of the penis.  The circumcision does not cause this.  When the skin covering the head of the penis is removed, it does not affect the curvature of the penis. 


Please call the clinic at any time in the future if you have concerns. The receptionist will book you a follow up appointment with Dr. Zwiers (phone or in person).  Please do not contact Dr. Zwiers via cell phone/secure messaging for non urgent problems after the first week.