Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to book a circumcision?  

Studies show that the safest time to have circumcision done is before 4 weeks of age.  Your baby must be over 2800 grams (6 lbs) to have circumcision done.


Can I bring other children to the appointment?

Yes you can. The appointment will last approximately 1.5 hours.  Please bring snacks and toys/books/games/downloaded shows to keep them occupied.  The Wi-Fi password can be found in the reception area. FRIENDLY REMINDER: EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE HEALTHY TO ATTEND THIS APPOINTMENT.


Do I need to stay in the room for the procedure? 

Although it is helpful to have a parent in the room for the procedure, we understand if this is too difficult.  Please let us know if you would like to leave the room for the circumcision.


Does my baby need Vitamin K at birth?

YES.  In Alberta, babies automatically receive a shot of Vitamin K at birth.  The only time this is not given, is when the parents refuse.  If a baby does not have Vitamin K at birth, it really increases the risk of serious bleeding with circumcision.  If your baby did not receive Vitamin K at birth, please consult your doctor or midwife so this can be arranged.


Will my baby cry during the circumcision?

We use both a freezing cream followed by an injection to make the area numb.  Your baby will be wrapped comfortably and be able to suck on a sugar and water solution.  Most babies are very calm during the procedure.  


How do I care for the circumcision when I go home?

At the appointment we will give you an information sheet.  You will be given a number to reach Dr. Zwiers if you have any additional questions.  Please refer to the section on after care for further information.


Is there a follow up appointment?

There is an appointment in one week after the circumcision to check the healing.  The follow up can be done in person, or by secure messaging and telephone.  If any concerns develop after the first week, please call the office for an appointment. 


What should I do if I have concerns after the one week follow up?

Please call the clinic at any time in the future if you have concerns. The receptionist will book you a follow up appointment with Dr. Zwiers (phone or in person).  Please do not contact Dr Zwiers via cell phone or secure messaging for non-urgent problems after the first week. Visit the Follow up Visits page for more information.


What should I bring to the appointment?

Please see our page on What to Bring


Can I meet Dr. Zwiers before the appointment?

Yes!  If you are struggling with the decision, or if you just would prefer to meet us before you book the procedure, please call to book a consultation visit (phone or in person).